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Wacław Pelikan (1790-1873) and his management of otorhinolaryngological problems
Andrzej Kierzek 1/
  • 1/ Katedra Fizjoterapii Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu

The article presents the living, professional and scientific activities of Wacław Pelikan (1799-1871), an efficient and famous surgeon, rector of Vilnius University in the twentieths of the 19th century. His inglorious political activity meantime in Vilnius is widely analyzed. His surgical activity in laryngology: operation of epulis and removal of a foreign body from the larynx by laryngofissure are reported with great accuracy.

Otorynolaryngologia Vol 13. No 4. Decemberpages: from 191to 196
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