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Tinnitus in children with normal results of hearing screening test
Danuta Raj-Koziak 1/, Krzysztof Kochanek 1/, Adam Piłka 1/, Grażyna Bartnik 1/, Anna Fabijańska 1/, Henryk Skarżyński 1/
  • 1/ Instytut Fizjologii i Patologii Słuchu

Tinnitus in children is still rarely discussed in medical literature. The prevalence of pediatric tinnitus has been reported to range between 13-37.7%. There is no data in Polish literature concerning the prevalence of tinnitus in normally hearing children.

To estimate the prevalence of the tinnitus in 7 years old children with normal results of hearing screening test.

Material and methods.
In this study, 55201children and their parents were asked about the presence of tinnitus by a questionnaire survey. Additionally, children were asked by the tester if they could hear noise in their ears or head, before hearing screening test at school had been conducted. The hearing screening test was performed using an air-conduction screening audiometer in the 0.5-8 kHz frequency range.

The results show that 7073 (12.8%) parents of children with normal screening test result reported tinnitus in their children. The proportion of children who confirmed experiencing tinnitus when directly asked by the tester was 31.6%. Over 56% of children did not complain of tinnitus spontaneously to their parents.

Results of our questionnaire survey confirm that tinnitus is frequent in children. The frequency of tinnitus recorded in the children’s population is an argument in favour of the necessity to include regular screening tests intended to ensure early detection of various hearing impairments, including tinnitus, into the school health care programs.

Otorynolaryngologia vol 10. no 4. Decemberpages: from 171to 175
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