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Methods for assessing quality of life in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
Romuald Wielgosz 1/, Edward Mroczkowski 2/
  • 1/ Klinika Laryngologiczna Szpitala A. Kruppa w Essen, Niemcy
  • 2/ Poradnia Konsultacyjna Centralnego Szpitala Klinicznego MSWiA w Warszawie

The health related quality of life is increasingly used as an outcome in clinical trials, for evaluation of effectiveness of treatment and health care. What is the best questionnaire? The choice of assessment method depends on the purpose of the study. The use of health-related quality of life measures facilitates the choice of optimal treatment for individual patients and enables economic analysis. The general methods are useful to document the severity of disability in the general population or in a patient group. Specific methods focus on problems associated with single disease states (rhinosinusits, asthma), patient groups (age), function (sleep disorders) or a problem (pain).

Assessment of quality of life enables to extend the evaluation of final outcome of a treatment by the aspect of patient’s subjective sensations; it should constitute an integral part of medical procedures also in otolaryngology.

Otorynolaryngologia vol 10. no 2. Junepages: from 57to 61
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