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Achievements of Jan Szeparowicz (1843-1882), a well-known Lvov surgeon in laryngeal and tracheal surgery
Andrzej Kierzek 1/, Zbigniew Szlenk 1/
  • 1/ Sekcja Historyczna Polskiego Towarzystwa Otorynolaryngologów – Chirurgów Głowy i Szyi

The paper presents the life, professional and scientific achievements of Jan Szeparowicz (1843-1882), a well-known Lvov doctor, the head of the surgical ward at the National General Hospital in Lvov. Szeparowicz’s achievements in laryngeal surgery, especially in the tracheotomy and opening of the larynx were analyzed in detail in the context of a dispute between ENT specialists – the followers of removing pathological changes in the larynx by means of endolaryngeal methods and those who support surgical opening of larynx.

Otorynolaryngologia vol 17. no 4. Dcemberpages: from 170to 178
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